Garments #CoryAsbury #Lyrics

I love this song because it is a song of the paradoxes of a life in Jesus Christ. That He gives us grace and mercy that is completely undeserved.

We come to Him with nothing, and He gives us everything. We come to Him broken, and He heals us. We come to Him with our mistakes, our failures, and He speaks new dreams into our lives. It is so wonderful! He is a good father, who loves to give us good gifts because of His favor, not because we earned it.

Thank you Lord!


And I saw my ashes
But you saw your dream
And I saw an orphan
You were my family
And I saw my frailty
But you saw your might
And I saw my blindness
But you were the light

You give me garments of praise Fullness of joy
Unending mercy
New every morning

And I saw the water
But you saw the wine
And I saw dead branches
But you were the vine
And I saw my weakness
But you saw your blood
And I saw my failure
But you were enough

‘Cause I was lost
Till you called me out by name
And I was down
Till you picked me up again
And I was wrong
Till your love it made me right
I was dead
Till you sang me back to life

Songwriters: Cory Asbury / Nathan Charles Moore / Anthony Brown

Garments lyrics © Bethel Music Publishing



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