Got Some Homework #Art #Painting #Learning

I picked up some homework today from my local library.

I was talking with a counselor today and we were talking about fears. We were talking about inaction, not doing something because of a fear that held you back.

Something he was talking about is that not only do people fear failure or the unknown, but some people fear success. I dont think I’d ever thought about that? What if something I write or paint becomes a wild success? What if this actually works out?

For me, it might mean sacrificing something comfortable that I find is not very challenging, something that I can do easily, for something that is new and hard, but it makes me feel alive, it is refreshing, it brings purpose that I may lack at this moment with my comfortable pursuits.

While this discussion doesn’t make me want to quit my day job, it does inspire me to continue to try new things, hard things, things I have not yet mastered, and refocus my efforts to go for it.

I want to continue to confront fear and not let it make decisions for me in my life. The more you confront fear and ask yourself, “What’s the worst that could happen here?” Always follow up with, “And then what?” Nobody promised me this life would be easy, but I am in control of what I make of my life. Instead of shrinking back when a fear arises, I determine to stand up to it and move forward, come what may.

Back to my homework… I want to continue to grow my artistic abilities, specifically with my painting efforts. It matters to me and I want to create works of art and not limit myself because of a lack of training. There are lots of free resources at the local library to learn almost any new skill. With some time to read, some practice, you can always grow as a person.

– Jason



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